Classroom Music, Choirs and bells

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K-2nd Grade Parent Letter & "Song Log"

k-2 Classroom Music Options


3rd/4th Grade Parent Letter

Recorder Karate Videos - this is a collection of the teaching of all new concepts and songs, along with a song practice track which follows the instruction track.

       March 30 - April 3  --    3rd/4th classroom music

Start with video #1 - How to Hold Your Recorder

#2 Getting a Good Sound on the Recorder

#3 How to play "B" on the recorder

#4 How to play "A" on the recorder

#5 How to play "G" on the recorder

#6 How to play "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder

#7 Hot Cross Buns - Recorder Karate - a slow and fast version. 

When that page is completed, please sign and date the Hot Cross Buns song page :+)


Honors Choirs - March 30 - April 3 - You will need your RAS Honors Choir folder from the RAS lobby to practice the songs below for the week indicated.  These are audio links below.


        Ching a Ring Chaw


Jr. High Bells - March 30 - April 3 - the listed songs for this week can be practiced on a keyboard, just the notes for your part.  You may want to increase your skills and practice some other positions as well.  This will be fun to put all together on one piano when we get back to school :+)  A computer copy, or you may print to hard copy the songs - below are listed the audio tracks for more entertaining practice :+)

        Come, Christians, Join to Sing - select listen

        Pop Corn - select listen

       The King of Love My Shepherd Is 

       Keep Your Lamps


Sixth Grade Bells - March 30 - April 3 - same instructions as Jr. Hi bells above ^

       Lift High the Cross

       Bwana Awabariki

       Come to Worship

       'Tis a Gift to be Simple


Fifth Grade Bells - March 30 - April 3 - Jr. High instructions apply here - above ^

       Sweet Hour of Prayer

       Simple Gifts

       Many and Great

       Come, Christians, Join to Sing







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Thanks for Checking in . . . . 
Many thanks to each of you who participate in classroom music activities, in ways like learning Solfege, playing along with the Orff orchestra instruments, or singing like a bird in one of our choirs.  Perhaps you love acting and being in costume for the K-4 Christmas musical, or maybe you put your whole heart into singing in the Treble Choir, or Honors Choirs

Or is your thing, a ringing those bells ---- some seem pretty heavy at first, but you get the swing of it rather quickly. 
My Rogers Music Making
Presently, I teach classroom music for grades K-4 and direct the choirs and handbell programs.  We have a Treble Choir that includes our 3rd/4th graders,  and our Christmas production featuring K-4 students.  There is a select 5th/6th Honors Choir and a Jr. High level Honors Choir.   

Also we have our handbell program which offers a bell choir to 5th grade students, 6th grade students, and a Jr. High handbell choir.  

My WWVA Music Making
In addition to teaching here at RAS, I teach a class at WWVA, the academy  Praise Ringers.  I look forward to watching them grow their music making from Kindergartners to Seniors.

My Background
I am enjoying another year teaching for Rogers Adventist School and WWVA.  My past teaching experience, has included fun in places like Adelphian Academy, Battle Creek Academy, C. F. Richards Jr. Academy and Tri-Cities Adventist School, where I taught everything from Business Education, Physical Education, and Elementary Education, along with choirs, bands, and handbell ensembles.





Patti Short