Carole Schafer (Kinder/Pre-1st)

Current happenings:

This month's theme is savannah/grasslands of Africa.  This week our students have been learning about the culture and traditions of the past to the present. Our children learned about the importance of masks and what they represent in the events that are celebrated.  Students watched and created a clay house and learned about the crops that grow in Africa. Students explored how drums are made and decorated their own drum.  Student will go on a "safari" learning about the many amazing animals that Africa houses.  This week brings fun learning and adventures with animals.  We are focusing on lions, zebras, toucans, monkeys, and rhinos.  

Classroom Philosophy:
I seek to provide a safe and caring Christian learning environment that promotes age-appropriate and individualized learning activities.  I will strive to encourage children to explore and create, gain information and mastery of new skills, and to learn and practice working and playing with others in a positive way.  Most of all, I look forward daily to seeing children happy and involved.

About Me:
I have finished my eleventh year of teaching Kindergarten at Rogers Adventist School and have enjoyed the uniqueness of each year's group of kids.  Previously, I was the director and head teacher of the Walla Walla University Child Development Center for nine years. 

I have a wonderful husband, Scott, who teaches physical education, health, and coach's the AcroKnight Gymnastics Team at Walla Walla Valley Academy.  I have two wonderful daughters who bring so much joy to my life.

There is nothing better then to be in a classroom full of wonderful kids! 





Carole Schafer,

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Bible Text
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Phil. 4:8