Hot Lunch


September Hot Lunch Menu 2020

2020-21 Hot Lunch Program

Hot lunch is served Monday–Thursday, except on days with noon dismissal.

Menu is lacto/ovo vegetarian, with vegan options. Emphasis on nutritious meals with salad and fruit offered daily. Many entrees are made from scratch, as well as bread and cinnamon rolls. Dessert is limited to one day per week.

According to health department requirements, lunches will be assembled by food service staff into individual containers and served to students within their classroom cohorts. To maintain physical distancing guidelines, some cohorts will remain in their classrooms for lunch, and others will eat in the commons.

Lunch Start Date: Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020


Grades K-2:    $4.50/lunch

Grades 3-8:    $5.00/lunch

  • No milk or juice will be offered for sale this year. Annual and monthly lunch card pricing has been discontinued due to increased food and packaging costs.

Payment Options

Lunches must be prepaid prior to or on the day they are eaten. Prepaid lunch accounts have been activated in the FACTS payment system to enable families to pre-fund student lunch costs. The school will track student consumption of lunches and apply charges at the end of each week, reducing the balance in the prepaid lunch account.

  • When the prepaid lunch account balance falls below $10.00, families will receive a low balance alert, and can then log into FACTS and add additional funds to the account.
  • If the prepaid account is not replenished and goes into negative status, families will be asked to make alternative lunch arrangements for their children until the account is re-funded.
  • Alternatively, families can make lunch pre-payments directly to the school with cash or check. Payments made at the school may be deposited into the secured drop slot located on the left-hand side of the front doors. Students may drop off payments at the front office when they arrive at school in the morning.




All credit/debit card transactions are subject to a 2.8% convenience fee